March 4, 2023

How to Tell If Your HVAC Unit Is Energy Efficient

Investing in an energy-efficient HVAC unit is one of the most important decisions that a homeowner can make. Not only do you save money on monthly utility bills, but you also drastically reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to making the world a greener place. As great as these benefits sound, it’s essential to know how to tell if your new HVAC unit is actually energy efficient before investing in it. Let’s explore exactly what makes an HVAC system energy efficient and provide some tips for identifying quality units that will help lower your utility bills significantly!

SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio)Virtue Heating and Cooling Tree in Lightbulb HVAC Blog 

Checking the SEER rating of an air conditioning unit is an important step when shopping for a new system. The higher the SEER, the more efficient and cost-effective the unit is likely to be, allowing you to potentially save money in reduced energy costs over time. It is also beneficial to look into warranty information as newer models often provide better coverage as technology advances. Take the time to research your options and understand the ratings before buying a unit; it will allow you to make an informed decision for your home comfort needs.


When choosing a new unit for your home or office, be sure to look for the ENERGY STAR® label. The ENERGY STAR® label signifies that it is an energy-efficient appliance, ultimately saving you money on your electricity bill. Not only will an ENERGY STAR-certified unit save you money, but it also reduces air pollution by consuming less energy from natural resources such as coal and gas, helping the environment in the process.

Analyze your power bills over time to measure efficiencyVirtue Heating and Cooling Calculator and Light Bulb on Energy Bills HVAC Blog

Reviewing your power bills periodically can be an effective way to track the energy efficiency of your home. It may not always be obvious where energy is being used and wasted, but by carefully comparing and contrasting old and new bills, you can spot trends and clues that suggest what needs changing. Doing this can help you identify specific areas where taking steps to improve efficiency can make a difference – like investing in high-efficiency appliances, bigger windows for better insulation, or double-pane glass for better climate control. Not only will you save on costs in the long run, but reducing your environmental footprint is always a bonus.

Have a professional inspect your HVAC for any signs of inefficiency

When it comes to saving money on energy bills and keeping your family comfortable, having a professional inspect your HVAC system regularly is key. Even the most well-maintained systems can show signs of inefficiency over time, such as increased energy costs or decreased air quality. A certified technician can spot minor issues before they become major problems and recommend solutions that will help extend the life of your unit as well as save you energy and money in the long run. It’s an important step in ensuring the maintenance of a high-functioning home – don’t wait until there’s a problem, keep up with regular inspections for peace of mind now.